Discover How You Can Buy Properties With No Money Down

Learn How To Generate 5 Figures Cash & Monthly Positive Cashflow Buying Properties Without Using Your Own Money in 90 Days.

Live Preview and Q&A Session to show you step-by-step how to buy and what to buy. 

Saturday, 19th of June 2pm

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Attention: Malaysians who are serious to invest in properties...

Properties conjure up a wide range of feelings for different people. 

I have learnt that for most people, it's mainly fear and anxiety towards uncertainties.

Almost all of us know properties increase in price over time but most people still don't buy.

The remaining people who bought, bought wrong... 😵

80% don't make money in the last 5 years. 💸

No wonder most people lose faith in properties. 😭
However, amidst this pandemic and uncertainties, there are still a small group of investors who are excited with the opportunities hidden in this chaotic era. 

Questions is, "can you learn from these people and make the right purchase starting now?" 🧐

For new investors, buying wrong properties can be a very painful experience. 

It will also significantly slow down your portfolio growth. 

For investors who bought some properties, the question becomes: "Is every single property providing positive cashflow on monthly basis?

Most people when they hear: 
1) You can make money when you BUY property (not just by selling) 
2) You can make monthly positive cashflow 

They scoff or be skeptical, in disbelief. That's what the society has thought us... 

But for a group of investors that made enough mistakes in the past and never give up, we carved out a roadmap to do these again and again. 

Ergo, being the investors who we are today. 

Learn from us, skip the costly errors of doing it on your own. 

Or worse, never get started. 🙅🏻‍♂️🙅‍♀️

Our programs have up to 90% success rate for students. We follow up with them frequently over time to record the results. 

So far in Malaysia, I believe we are the only one in the market who does this for long term and to up lift our students to their very best. 

Even in down-market, we are confident in our strategy to protect our assets and make more cashflow steadily.

- Rachel Lim

What you will learn in this Zoom session, and tools you can immediately apply: 

  • Learn about Property Market in 2021 
  • How You Can Profit From The Opportunity Today
  • How to Buy Property Without Money ( $$$ )
  • Step-by-Step How To Make Money Using Property
  • How You Can Buy Property with Any Background Profile

What You Can Prepare To Make This Session More Valuable! ⭐️

  • Set aside 2 hours,use a quiet, uninterrupted space for learning
  • Use laptop (for bigger screen) and with good internet connection 
  • Prepare 1-3 questions before session (questions that will help you move forward ⏩)
  • Prepare pen & paper, take notes and set aside a column for "My Next Actions Are..." 

About Rachel Lim

Founder of Wealth Core Academy

Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step     

Wealth Trainer & Coach 
Full Time Investor 
Bachelor Degree In Finance 
Master NLP Practitioner 
HRDF Certified Trainer 

12 years ago, I wouldn't have imagined the life I have today. Probably I was just like you, thinking that property is just a place I stay and I should only buy with my feelings. (i.e. If I like the deco and marketing, I will buy it). Who would have thought that a seminar in property would brought me to a whole new perspective. 

I bought a property using the partial strategy I learnt back then, made 150k profits from a house I sold at RM 350k. Over time, I repeated the process and refined the strategies to add in multiple layers of protection on assets. I learnt one thing: "Never Lose Money, especially in Property."

Investment requires tenacity, and system. I have honed down the system to an almost perfect score, I just need you to have the tenacity. What is your goal in buying properties every single year? You cannot afford to not have plans. Buy 1 a year, you will end up with 10 in a decade. Buy 10 a year, you will end up with 100+ (that's where I am today).
I share this story is not to impress you but to impress upon you if I may. Don't feel intimidated by the numbers, be inspired, you can too! I have students who buy tens to almost a hundred over these years. They all start at the same point as you. You on a hand, might have a better advantage because of the timing we are in today. I cannot stress enough that you must equip yourself with investment knowledge and take massive actions today. Time and tide waits for no man (or woman)!

Here is to all my students and a mission to 10 million students. Let's uplift this country and the world.
Wealth Core Academy is an education body that focus on property investment. Over the decade we have accumulated 100k students.

Our vision is to uplift Malaysians' Wealth and Investment knowledge and become world's leading model. 

Our mission is to educate 10 million students and provide a solid foundation in investment knowledge.
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